Jonny qualified as  Speech & Language Therapist from UCL in 2014 where he was awarded an MSc in Speech and Language Sciences with distinction. During his training he was the recipient of the UCL Clinical Practice Prize for Excellence. Alongside his performing career, Jonny now runs a busy Voice Therapy and Training practice in North West London under the name LondonVoiceTherapy, specialising in voice disorders. 

He is passionate about treating adults and children with a range of voice difficulties and has experience treating the following voice issues:

  • Vocal fold Nodules
  • Vocal fold Polyps
  • Reflux Laryngitis (LPR/GORD) 
  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MDT) 
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia
  • Presbyphonia
  • Puberphonia 
  • Pre and Post Surgical therapy
  • Layrngeal pain and discomfort 

Jonny continually attends courses and further training to carry out the most effective therapy techniques and programmes. He is trained in the following specialised methods:

  • Accent method (abdominal breathing approach for singing),
  • Resonant Voice Therapy
  • Vocal Function Exercises 
  • LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Training programme for patients with Parkinsons Disease)
  • MLMT (Laryngeal Manual Therapy: massage technique for reducing muscle tension)

Jonny is constantly exploring further training to develop his skills, currently considering enrolling onto a revolutionary programme, a functional approach to breathing known as MDH Breathing Coordination having flown to Lausanne, Switzlernad to study the foundations of the method privately with founder Robin De Haas. 

Being a professional singer himself, Jonny works extensively with other singers and professional voice users including teachers, laywers, call centre workers, educators and other professionals who rely on their voices to carry out their work. He particularly enjoys running bespoke Voice Care seminars to these groups of professional voice users which prove invaluable to those who attend.

Aside from his own private practice, he works at Unlocking Language, an Independent SLT practice in Canary Wharf and has experience seeing clients with voice disorders at their Harley Street Clinic.

​Having experienced vocal issues himself as a performer, he is able to fully empathise with the full process of injury and it's impact on quality of life. Aside from following the most up to date evidence based techniques, he is able to offer a personal perspective having been there himself, and is therefore able to focus on techniques that he knows works to have the most impact and lead to the fullest recovery.

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Chazan Jonny Turgel